Are all the designs custom made?

Yes, we create each design to be unique according to your needs. Plus, all of the designs are 100% hand painted.

What material is used for the flats?

We use synthetic leather for the shoes. The lining of the shoe is made of micro- fibre with peach skin texture, breathable and waterproof. The sole of the shoes are made of foamy with fiberglass.

Will the paint on my flats last?

Yes, the painting we use is special for the synthetic leather therefore it will last.  However, we do recommend to treat them delicately to keep the paint from getting scratched. The painting may tear off if they’re treated roughly like any other shoe that has a design. Keep them away from thinner, alcohol and acetone.

Will the paint on my case last?

Yes, we give the case an extra protective coating, therefore the painting is not exposed. You shouldn’t have any problems. 

Additional information.

Since your shoes are hand painted treat them with care. Don’t get them too wet (a bit of rain is still ok) and try to avoid  surfaces where they can get scratched.

How do I clean my shoes?

We recommend cleaning them with a moist piece of cloth, both the inside part and the outside. An excess of water may harm the shoes.


Are the shoes comfortable?

yes the material is very soft, they’re very comfortable.

Do you have international shipping? How does it work?

Yes, we do provide international shipping service. Please send an email to contacto@mropaintings.com to ask for your quotation.

Do you have a special wholesale price?

Yes we do provide a special wholesale price (up to ten pairs of shoes). If you want to make an order please send us an email to contacto@mropaintings.com and/or send us a whatsapp message to (+52) 181 1075 0604 .